Our Processes

Quality is not only distinctive in our projects; it’s a given.

Processes – everyone has them, so what is great about Braahmam?

We don’t just preach about being a process-oriented company; we thoroughly practice it.

We know that inefficient, dysfunctional processes can lead to missed deadlines, unhappy customers, a frazzled workforce, increased costs and ultimately a tarnished brand. These are not qualities we are known for.

Your projects—large and small—are a big deal to us. We take our work very seriously and we care about your projects more than anybody. Additionally, we ensure process adherence and compliance by means of formal monthly and quarterly audits.

Quality is not only distinctive in our projects; it’s a given.

You will find that the secret to our business processes is that they are greatly effective.

We have several integrated processes. For information about any particular process, contact us.

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Plunet – Our key to efficient Project Management Automation

You no longer need to follow the traditional method of sending projects through mails and then waiting to receive the project status or delivery from us. We hand complete control over to you by providing you with access to the Plunet Customer Portal.

We keep our Project Management process transparent without any last minute surprises.

Braahmam’s production offices are the first and only in India to implement this best-in-class Project Management Automation System.

What do you get from Plunet?

  • Centralized Project Management System with Dashboard
  • Real-time Project Status Monitoring
  • Integrated Financial View with permanently available pricing information
  • Centralized PO, Invoicing and Billing if required – including associated report generation
  • Integrated Project Feedback System
  • Repository of files and their versions/history for a specified amount of time. (Never lose any documents)
  • Free online training on the system for customers

For more information about how Plunet can make working with us easy, Contact Us!

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