Digital Learning Development

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Digital Learning Development


Design and Technology

Memorable Learning experiences ensure enhanced Knowledge Retention!

We exactly know the formula of infusing retention and effectiveness in our learning solutions.

When we talk of learning and training these days, we talk about learning that is interactive, practical, flexible, personal, engaging and motivating. But, where do all these take us to? Retention, right!

In our learning solutions we add the magic of interactivity, assessments, role-plays simulations and interactive videos for easy knowledge absorption.

  • We work closely with you to understand the learning requirements and expected outcomes.
  • Our team of instructional designers, SMEs and developers work towards making learning innovative, interactive yet effective.
  • Our instructional designers use creative ways of testing the knowledge of learners through assessments.
  • Be it for mobile devices or desktops, Braahmam develops turnkey learning solutions in any and all of the tools (Flash or rapid elearning tools, such as Captivate, Articulate and Storyline).
  • If you are looking for LTI tools to be built, just let us know.
  • Our testing team checks the learning solutions thoroughly – text, audio, video, interactivity, assessments and overall learning experience.

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