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Interactive Digital Publishing


Design and Technology

Interactive books engage readers, increase retention and enhance learning.

We enrich the reading experience with a perfect blend of interactivity.

Books are interesting to read, audiobooks are fun to listen to, but books really come to life when they become interactive. How about a learner reading a book on photosynthesis and then reinforcing the learning by watching a video on photosynthesis process? Or a learner bolstering the learning by attempting a variety of assessments? Sounds really amazing, isn’t it?

There are umpteen possibilities of bringing interactivity to electronic books, manuals, journals and any digital content. We know them all.

  • Braahmam enriches content with interactive images, hotspots, links, slideshows, audio and video.
  • We enable your audience to access your social media pages right from the ebook or ejournal.
  • We have experience of designing and integrating several forms of assessments and guided tours.
  • We make your ebooks accessible on any device and in any language.

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