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Issue Number - 17

Month - February 2015


With 2014 now completely past us, the mobile picture in the enterprise for 2015 is becoming more indisputable. After a deluge of research with customers, developers and tech gurus, I believe these will be the top trends in enterprise mobility for 2015.

  1. Business analysts will spawn more than 25% of enterprise apps using visual development environments.

    Most enterprises can’t hire mobile developers fast enough. Their stockpile for mobile apps goes on, and something has to give. Providentially, “low-code” development platforms have come up, thereby facilitating a diverse base of developers to create mobile apps. According to Gartner Research, by 2018, more than 50% of all mobile apps will be conceived by business analysts without coding.

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Learning Solutions 2015 Conference and Expo
March 25 – 27, 2015, Florida, USA
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GALA 2015
March 22 – 25,
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tcworld India 2015
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Interesting facts about February

The second month of the year is almost over, so let’s get to know some interesting facts February which make it a special month.

  • The month was named after the ancient Roman purification ritual “Februa”.
  • Sweden and Finland had 30 days in February in 1712 because of calendar change.
  • February can pass without a single full moon in common years. Next time this will happen in 2018.
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Common Ingredients for Successful Entrepreneurship

What are the key qualities which separate great entrepreneurs from common people? After looking at all the successful startups and established global organizations, we can easily see that how every one of these great entrepreneurs had unique qualities and created their own recipe for success. But the truth is that most of the entrepreneurs achieved their success because they refused to fit into one category and thought differently.

So here are the main ingredients which contributed towards the success of these achievers and set them apart from others.

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