Issue Number - 19

Month - April 2015

E-Learning – Importance and Relevance for Life Sciences Industry

It is an undisputed fact that e-Learning is very important for various industries in today’s environment, and the Life Sciences sector is no exception. Adoption of newer technologies has gained momentum to satisfy the needs of the targeted audience (customer, employees, partners, and associates), which is no longer limited to the physical boundaries of nations. Reaching out to them using the fastest and cheapest method is of the essence as this can result in significant time and cost savings. Another challenge in reaching out to a global audience is the need to communicate effectively in multiple languages.

The Life Sciences industry comprises of three sub-sectors, namely, Pharmaceuticals, Contract Research, and Healthcare Services. Each is unique with its own characteristics and needs.

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Intriguing facts about Earthquakes

Nepal was recently jostled with a high magnitude Earthquake which caused nationwide disaster. Let’s all get together and help Nepal and its people in every way possible.
Let’s look at some of the facts about Earthquake.

  • Earthquakes are mostly caused by geological faults, but they can also be caused by landslides, nuclear testing, mine tests, and volcanic activity.
  • The “focus” or “hypocenter” is the earthquake’s initial point of rupture. Its “epicenter” is the point at ground level above the hypocenter.
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Localization Strategy for Pharmaceutical Companies to Tap Emerging Markets – a Marketing and Training Perspective

As per the Booz & Co report titled “Pharma Emerging Markets 2.0 – How Emerging Markets Are Driving the Transformation of the Pharmaceutical Industry,”, 52%,” which carried the results of the managers survey of 12 of the top 15 global pharmaceutical companies who were interviewed, 52 percent of the top managers surveyed indicated that by 2018 more than 30 percent of their respective companies’ revenue would come from emerging markets.

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