Braahmam-Smartcat Partnership

Smartcat is a translation platform that makes collaboration between companies and translators simple. On top of providing a free online CAT environment, it provides a complete ecosystem that makes working on translation projects easier and improves the productivity and quality of your work.


Its specific modules are:

  • Easy to use and powerful collaborative CAT platform. It provides the industry’s only true collaboration engine, where multiple users (managers, translators, editors, etc.) can work on the same document at the same time.

  • The open marketplace with direct access to more than 130,000 suppliers, freelancers and LSPs, from all over the world. Allows to search through, filter, hire and manage suppliers on the platform and equipped with advanced communication and collaboration tools.

  • Automated payout management that saves both customers’ and freelancers’ time and prevents paperwork hell. Customers can pay all outstanding translation jobs in a few clicks, and freelancers can receive the money worldwide using a number of payout methods.

Using Smartcat allows customers — especially linguistic service providers — to effectively manage their supply chain, cutting their operational expenses by 10–20% and multiplying net profits 1.5–2 times.

Powerful API enabling easy and seamless connectivity with any 3rd party’s tools and services. It allows to integrate Smartcat with any vendor or develop one’s own tools and integrate them with the Smartcat Ecosystem, managing everything through the API.

Contact details:
Smartcat Platform Inc.
E-mail: support@smartcat.ai
Web Site: smartcat.ai
Address: 490 Post Street, Ste. 526 San Francisco, USA, CA 94102

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