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Quality, Communication and Commitment are our essential core values that we practice truly. We design, develop and localize your content to transform your ideas into exceptional outcomes.

A business idea over a cup of coffee sounds interesting, doesn’t it? Well, that’s how Braahmam’s journey started in 2000. Today we are a well-established company; famous for our Quality, Communication and Commitment. These are the essential core values that run deep in our veins.

At Braahmam, we transform content. We don’t just translate words from one language into another. We localize content for your audience anywhere in the world, deliver it in any format you wish, on any platform of your choice.

Our 21 years in the translation and localization industry have taught us a thing or two about delivering quality. Yes, it is about producing accurate translations. But, quality is also about meeting the client’s expectations. It’s another thing that we go a few steps further.

Don’t just take our word for it – we have been ISO 17100:2015 certified. It means that we follow the “core processes, resources, and other aspects necessary for the delivery of a quality translation service that meets applicable specifications”.

We have a customer rating of 99.5% every year over the last three years.

Our quality does not happen by accident. We have project and quality management teams that conduct regular project audits.

As a result of this commitment to quality, we have been given the SAP AG Service Recognition Award for our outstanding contribution towards localizing their ERP.

Our employees-our powerful assets-are an integral part of this growth story. We confidently involve our young and dynamic workforce in decision making processes to create a framework of trust and sustained growth for Braahmam.

Our offices in three locations – US, Ireland, and India – with a global workforce working out of additional locations such as Philippines, Hong Kong, and Brazil give you up to 18 hours a day coverage. This way we are able to achieve a faster turnaround time and better communication.

About Us _ Braahmam International

Our Mission

To achieve success through a caring environment that combines creative leadership, the sharing of knowledge and a spirit of teamwork with our passion for technology, innovation, speed and superior delivery.

Our Vision

To join the top 100 globalization companies in the world with a well-defined and committed global workforce.


  • A 20 year proven track record
  • More than 250 loyal customers worldwide
  • 100% customer retention rate right since our inception
  • Winners of the SAP Service Recognition Award for ERP Localization
  • Unique Customer Engagement Model
  • Process-oriented company
  • Distinguished panel of Domain Experts
  • Any Device, Any Format, Any Language!
  • Secure & Dedicated access to Customer Portal for Transparent Project Management

Braahmam is proud to be a founding member of CITLoB Association

Biraj Rath CEO & GALA Ambassador _ Braahmam International

From the CEO’s Desk

Welcome to our new Website. It is my great pleasure to introduce you to Braahmam, a company established in the year 2000. From when we started and now, our industry has changed drastically and the technology surrounding it has improved multiple folds. I am proud to say that we, as a company, have not only adapted well tothese changes but also embraced them such that we can pass on the improvements in terms of increased productivity, effective processes, and other benefits to ourcustomers. Customer awareness and their needs have changed too. Yet we have maintained our unblemished track record of customer retention above 99.7%.

It is also important to note that our core principles still remain the same in letter and spirit that we brandish with our logo, Quality|Communication|Commitment. Our principles highlight our desire to deliver solutions as per customers’ quality expectations. We stay committed to the individual needs and attention of our customers and strive to bring the best practices in communicating with all our stakeholders with utmost transparency. In line with these principles, it gives me immense pleasure to announce that Braahmam is the 1stand till now the only company in India to implement a world class customer portal and project management system from “Plunet”. In the annals of history we will also be remembered as the 1stIndian company to implement “Across”, one of the leading language technology platforms.

There are new and interesting times ahead to us. With that in mind, I sign-off with the promise to continue to keep bringing the best to our customers.


Biraj Rath
CEO & GALA Ambassador (2015-16)

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