Braahmam-Prudle Labs Partnership

We know that many organizations often struggle to decide when to start internationalization –at the end of any application development cycle, at the initial stage or run it in parallel to development.

Whether it is building a localization strategy, internationalization best practices or defining and implementing localization processes our partnership with Prudle Labs ensures that our flexible business focused approach delivers great results for our clients.

Brahmaam-Prudle provides a varied range of internationalization services to ensure that global product is simultaneously shipped (English and localized languages) to the market in time – with high quality and conforming to budget constraints.
Some of the major offerings we provide are:

  • Analysis of I18N source code to find all possible internationalization issues
  • Fix most of the I18N issues automatically using the Prudle I18N plugin.
  • Review the product UI or Wireframe.
  • Provide the I18N plan with timelines
  • Development of I18N and QA checklist
  • Review of source strings
  • Define I18N QA strategy
  • Internationalization Testing to ensure that product is localizable

Brahmaam-Prudle has in-house experienced globalization professionals who will address your I18N requirements without impacting your existing release schedule, and ship your products simultaneously in multiple localized languages.

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