Multilingual Mobile Learning App

Multilingual Mobile Learning App

JSB Apps LLC, one of the innovative companies in the field of Pharma & Healthcare technology, wanted to provide easily accessible information to individuals about commonly used pharmaceuticals in an interactive manner. Braahmam was involved for complete conceptualization, designing and development of the App, ViziMed. It was localized into Spanish, Filipino & Chinese.


Tools/Technology Used

  • CSS
  • Flash
  • HTML5
  • JavaScript
  • Onboarding of Subject Matter Experts who are good in conceptualization and visualization
  • Developing medically correct content that is easily understandable by non-specialists
  • Creating conceptually correct animations that run smoothly on mobile devices
  • Shortlisting linguists for localization that have core medical expertise
  • Ensuring the information does not get lost in translation
  • Shortlisted qualified doctors for content conceptualization & design
  • Graphic experts created graphics & animations to appropriately depict the content
  • Rigorous testing of the App to ensure there are no performance issues
  • Formed a team of domain experts for translation & validation
  • Analyzed & decided the technology for development that can give cross-platform advantage with offline support
  • Acted as a globalization & technical consultant for the customer
  • The customer could start his new venture in Mobile Apps
  • Ongoing advanced level talks with leading hospitals for linking the App directly to EHR systems
  • The customer got request to add 5+ more drugs MOA in just 1 week of launching the App
  • Increased demand from different locations lead of localization of App in more languages
  • Date December 25, 2015
  • Tags Mobile App Localization Service

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