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Mobile app translation - Braahmam

Mobile App Translation

Mobile apps need to speak the language of the user, as they are often used in personal settings. We can localize your mobile App, Irrespective of its platform – Android or iOS.

Software Localization - Braahmam

Software Localization

We translate and localize the user interface text as well as software strings of your product to ready it for users from a particular locale.

Audio and Video Translation - Braahmam

Audio and Video Translation

When you go global, your media needs to get multilingual, too. Let us help you subtitle, dub, or voice-over your audio-visual campaigns to get the maximum impact from global marketing.

eLearning Translation - Braahmam

E-learning Translation

When you go global, your media needs to get multilingual, too. Let us help you subtitle, dub, or voice-over your audio-visual campaigns to get the maximum impact from global marketing.

Website Translation - Braahmam

Website Translation

Our trained linguists produce accurate and high-quality translations of your website content so that your international visitors share the same experience as those in your home country

Machine Translation Post Editing - Braahmam

MT and MT Post Editing

The need for translation of huge volumes of content has increased the demand for MT-ed content. Take all the advantages of MT with our team of experienced, domain specialized post-editors.

Language Solution Company - Braahmam

Translation & Localization

Get closer to global customers with translation and localization.Did you have trouble understanding the text in any of the above languages? If yes, how long do you think you’d stay on this website if the entire website was offered only in that language?

Multilingual Desktop Publishing - Braahmam

Multilingual desktop publishing

Desktop publishing (DTP) refers to the process of getting your documents ready for publication either offline or online by taking care of formatting, typography, and images.

Internationalization Services - Braahmam

Internationalization Services

Organizations often struggle to decide when to start internationalization. Is it best to do internation-alization at the end of an application development cycle or at the initial stage or run it in parallel with development?

Learning and Training Video Production - Braahmam

Learning and Training Video Production

Memorable Learning experiences ensure enhanced Knowledge Retention! We exactly know the formula of infusing retention and effectiveness in our learning solutions.

Transcreation - Braahmam


Translating marketing content is different from most other content. In fact, it’s not even called translation. It is transcreation.


With translations, you may end up sending muddled messages, so transcreate. It takes skills such as copy writing, translation, and subject matter expertise to recreate content that resonates culturally and linguistically with the target audience.

We help you capture new markets by internationalizing the source code. In doing so, we ensure compatibility on all devices and test for bugs and breaks in text.

Machine Translation (MT) cuts down time taken a great deal. But this does not meddle with the quality of translations as we deploy experts for post-editing. Also, tools like SmartCat that enable a collaborative process helps shorten translation time.

Yes. We ensure a seamless process by addressing hassles with file formats, captioning options, misaligned documents, overflowing junk characters, and more.

Our partnership with MediaWen International ensures that AI is put to the best use to create high-quality multilingual videos. You can choose to have your videos transcribed, subtitled, or dubbed using manual, automated, or hybrid process on a cloud-based workflow.

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