We help you reach out to your diversely spread-out audience digitally and reach a bigger market share.

Reach your diversely spread-out audience digitally with e-publishing solutions in any format, any language.

Our experienced team digitizes your content quickly, interactively, and innovatively!

Document Translation - Braahmam

What We Can Do For You:

  1. We have solutions for publishers looking for desktop publishing for print and web as well as epublishing solutions of books, journals, user manuals, and anything that was earlier solely paper.
  2. We offer digital solutions to transform your content in multi-channel outputs for different readers, such Apple iPad™ and iPhone™, Amazon Kindle™, Mobipocket readers, SONY® eBook Reader, Nook and Droid. We also help you reach out to your diversely spread-out audience digitally and reach a bigger market share.

Our integrated team of DTP specialists, developers and testers with internal, automated technological solutions ensure:

Publishing Translation - Braahmam

Accurate content conversion in the required format

DTP Translation - Braahmam

Typesetting in different languages exactly same as in English

eLearning Translation - Braahmam

Interactivity-rich digital books and journals with built-in social media access

eLearning Translation - Braahmam

Thoroughly tested output on required devices

We are at the helm of offering you what we are best at – multilingual DTP, audiobooks, interactive ebooks and journals and print-ready to eBooks conversion. If you also want your content to be converted into cross platform supported XML format, let us know.

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